Health & Hygiene

Health and Hygiene is an integral programme of EkTara , introduced in 2015 to promote health and hygiene awareness within the children and community and ensuring the progress of the project activities in a defined framework of planning monitoring and implementation.


The main objective of Health programme is to develop healthy and informed adult human capital by promoting physical and mental health through childhood and adolescence.

Some of the key initiatives taken up by the Project are – Health education classes by teachers in the Primary, middle school and Non formal, “Nukkar – Nataks” by health club in the community to generate awareness on seasonal medical ailments, monthly record keeping of weight and height of all the enrolled students, Bi-annual check of immunization record. Counselling for children with special needs and group counselling by EkTara’s empanelled counsellor.


The Hygiene project was introduced in 2015 to impart education and raise awareness for all the children, parents and community members on clean water, environment, sanitation and hygiene.

The key initiatives taken to develop the project are correct techniques of hand washing , introduced purified drinking water in the premises, periodical pest control, green classroom project aiming Pot planting and generating awareness on how to protect environment and bonding with nature, discussing and practicing the hygiene lesson modules in the classroom and parental workshops to share audio visual information on clean sanitation and its positive impact.

Activities and workshops are conducted by the teachers and the resource person on every quarter. Emphasizing on good personal hygiene can reduce the plethora of illness, infections and disorders. Students are trained to maintain cleanliness and tidy appearance which can boost one’s confidence and reflects a positive image.