Educational Tour to Alipore Jail Museum on Women’s Day

The educational excursion to the Alipore Jail Museum on Women’s Day offered students a deep understanding of the challenges and hardships faced by freedom fighters during the colonial period, instilling a profound respect for India’s history of independence and sacrifice.

Throughout the visit, students actively explored the museum, examining different cells like the Nazrul Islam Cell, Netaji Cell, and Andaman Prison, in addition to the Gallows and autopsy room. They carefully read the inscriptions on the walls, absorbing the detailed narratives of the freedom fighters’ struggles, and took numerous photographs to commemorate their visit.

By observing the cells of the freedom fighters and learning about the prisoners’ living conditions, students developed a comprehensive insight into the challenges faced by the freedom fighters and the extreme difficulties they encountered. The museum offered a historical context, educating students about the brutal treatment endured by the freedom fighters in their unwavering quest for independence.