Our Story

Our Journey


The start

Ek Tara began its education programme with 60 children. A small vocational unit was also set up for women. Informal classes were introduced for school dropouts.


A Milestone

Ek Tara moved into a 7500 sq ft facility and introduced its Montessori, Nutrition and Health project. The student enrollment went up to 250.


Program Expansion

Ek Tara introduced its primary school project with 100 children. 10 children were successfully enrolled in reputed mainstream schools.


Introducing digital classes

Digital literacy projects and a mental health counseling cell were created for children. First ever annual function held with over 300 participants at Gyan Manch.


New Partnerships

ChakkePeKaksha, a mobile school from Belgium was launched to engage children academically as an outreach project.


Formalizing Co Curricular activities

CCA’s such as karate, football and swimming with an introduction to arts and culture-based activities were launched. A curated recycled art exhibit by the children titled Kalatmak. Total number of beneficiaries increased to 1000.


Relief and Rehabilitation Projects for Covid -19

Food and essentials were regularly distributed to the beneficiaries and their families. In addition to the relief provided, a Covid-19 book was also launched.


Launch of Ek Tara Learning Centre

After months of running a unique tele-learning engagement project for our children (because of the pandemic), we launched a 20000 sq ft. state-of-the-art learning facility in March 2021.


Tomorrowland Foundation Music and Arts School

Ek Tara partnered with Tomorrowland Foundation in Belgium to expand its CCA programme. This school will be one of the three Music and Arts schools by the Foundation in the world.

Our Focus

Our Focus

  • Facilitating holistic education for girls.
  • Change in mindsets to elevate the position of girls.
  • Create community leaders.
  • Focus on collaborative networks to scale impact.

How Our Interventions Transform Lives

We provide a holistic education in a safe and nurturing environment by


communication skills


Encouraging logical
thinking and reasoning


employment opportunities


Informed life choices


Changing mindsets
towards position of girls in society



Why we

Education is a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty and provide opportunities. Ek Tara currently works with girls and women from the largest slum communities in Kolkata, India. The reason why we chose to work here are:
  • Girls still have no access to quality education.
  • With illiteracy and poverty they are prone to early marriage and child labour.
  • The area is notorious as the largest crime belt in Eastern India with trafficking, drug peddling, making girls and women here extremely vulnerable.

Our Impact

Since its inception Ek Tara has educated close to 2000 children.

  • The high quality education model means that 95% students successfully transition from pre-primary to high school.
  • Children moving from Ek Tara to other educational institutions continue to secure 1st division in their higher examinations.
  • Girls have been sensitized about the need to be self-sufficient and there is a 70% increase in women seeking skill building opportunities.
  • Change in mindset of parents towards girl’s education as demonstrated though various participation in their child’s development.

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