Hygiene Workshop

During the Coronavirus pandemic, there were increased challenges for girls and women in India to access period products. As it is, menstrual hygiene education is not a socially discussed focus area. With more than 40 percent of Indian women & adolescent girls in the age group of 15-24 years not familiar with safe and hygienic methods of menstrual practices, there should be more focused dialogue on the subject, especially on the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products during the lockdown. Because of the lockdown, many people have lost their livelihood and now more than ever, economically poor families are reluctant to spend on sanitary pads which is why a lot of girls and young women are going back to their previous ways of handling periods by using rags. As a result Tata Steelium And Coated conducted a hygiene workshop for 100 girls at Ek Tara and their mothers. Eminent gynecologist Dr. Gitashree Mukherjee also was a guest speaker at the workshop. All participants received a hygiene goodie bag which contained pads, undergarments, soaps etc. Just remember “Periods don’t stop for Pandemic!”