Katha Collaboration

Katha has partners with EkTara (www.ektara.org.in) for the 300M Citizen’s Challenge Partner.
About 300M Challenge: India has 300 million children enrolled in school. About 150 million 5-10-year-olds are in primary education of which nearly 50% cannot read well.
The inability of children to read at grade level hits India’s poorest the hardest, leading to entrenched poverty in society. If all 5-10-year-old children are reading for fun and for meaning, they do well in school and are prepared to bring positive change to all, leading to sustainability for the people and the planet.
THE 300M ALLIANCE: Even to reach universal reading for all our children by 2050, India will need all of us to help! Hence a group of like-minded people and organizations, initiated by Katha as Lead Partner, is on a mission to change things for our children—taking baby steps at first!