Salute to our Frontline Workers

Meet Ek Tara’s frontline warriors: Nilufer, Reshmi, Khokhon, Sakir to name a few..
They collect the essential supplies from the distributer and ensure that everything gets evenly distributed among the community members. They also send out story books and work sheets to the children, keep a record of the supplies and explain to the community the importance of self isolation and addresses issues regarding the outbreak.
These brave and strong individuals deserve a big shout out!!
This campaign is impossible without the actions of these wonderful and fearless souls. Today every single one of them is a hero!!
Please bear in mind that there are people who are in dire need of food and essential supplies in the slums. So please keep the support and the positivity coming in. Our team and the community appreciate all the support and love they are getting from everyone.
Also please note that the safety of our staff is our responsibility and we ensure that the team members involved wear protective gear while distributing and maintain a safe distance.
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Stay safe and stay strong!!