Story-telling Workshop

Ek Tara organized an engaging two-day storytelling workshop under the guidance of the versatile Dr. Janardhan Ghosh, a notable figure in the entertainment industry renowned for his distinctive storytelling technique known as “Katha Koli”.

Throughout the workshop, educators delved into an array of storytelling methodologies and strategies to enhance their storytelling proficiency, exploring a rich tapestry of narratives and infusing storytelling enchantment into their classroom practices. The instructor elucidated on the five core principles of storytelling, the art of narrative crafting, and the significance of sound in the storytelling domain. Emphasizing that storytelling entails a holistic engagement encompassing voice modulation, props utilization, and emotional expression, alongside a touch of technological finesse.

All thirteen teachers actively participated in showcasing their storytelling prowess, concentrating on aspects such as non-verbal communication, vocal expression, prop implementation, and emotive delivery. This storytelling extravaganza proved transformative for the participants, elevating their confidence, igniting their imaginative faculties, and dispelling any lingering performance apprehensions.